Pickleball at iTennis Pasadena!

We have 2 courts available for group classes, private lessons, and reservations located at 479 S. Marengo Ave! For PickleBall inquiries, email itenniskyle@gmail.com.

Group Classes & Matchplay:
Come improve your playing skills!  Register anytime and receive a prorated registration fee ($40/class); Register 2 weeks prior to the start of a new session in order to receive the 10% ‘Early Bird’ Discount.  

Pasadena pickleball programming is currently on hold, but please check our our nearby classes at Arroyo Seco Racquet Club (South Pasadena) and at the Arcadia Tennis Center (Arcadia).

Class Levels
~ Beginner I (DUPR 2.0-2.5)
~ Beginner II (DUPR 2.5-3.0)
~ Intermediate (DUPR 3.0-3.5)
~ Advanced (DUPR 3.5-4.0+)

Court Rental (Pickleball or Tennis): $30/hour
~ Availability: May be reserved by iTennis/iPickle group class patrons when not in use for group classes or private lessons.  Availability typically is limited to weekdays between 10:30/11:30am and 4:00pm.